Smart bracelet is probably the best Christmas gift

Aiboze redesigned the a pedometer, not only the external shape is made into a suitable for wearing hand ring, a combination of smart phones to bring new experiences, smart bracelet also suddenly swept up. Then many manufacturers have launched a smart Bracelet products, product design, the characteristics, but also led to the trend of wearable devices. Smart Bracelet monitors the user's movement by the built-in sensor, and by setting a scientific algorithm to analyze the motion data, give users more health advice, but also promote a more healthy lifestyle. Evolution of digital products is changing people's life, wearable devices also have a very broad prospects for the future, if you have not tried to change the lifestyle of smart bracelet, rather than take advantage of Christmas gift to yourself as a gift, if you have tasted the benefits of smart bracelet, it might as well be recommended to you on Christmas day.

        Because fame's sake, the impression many people have stayed smart bracelet on Jawbone brand launched products, but in fact in addition to Jawbone, there are also a lot of other manufacturers have introduced excellent products, because these products are different in function and design , resulting in a greater difference, so when purchasing a number of issues need attention: brand purchase terms, usually those that settled in the Apple store products are superior design, but expensive products, on behalf of products Jawbone UP3, Misfit Shine etc., these products, though well-designed, but usually the price is relatively expensive, cost is not high, more suitable as a precious gift given away; life issues, many smart bracelet uses a built-in lithium design, battery life is usually about a week , and some use of button batteries, because of the unique design life of up to several months, although some products have an advantage in terms of battery life, but functions to be less certain; algorithmic problems, usually smart bracelet by hardware sensor data through the certain algorithms to convert into a more intuitive we can identify the data, such as the number of steps, calorie consumption, and products from different vendors actually use different algorithms, the price difference may be in this regard will be reflected, but anyway The data is provided for reference; wearing styles, usually such products can be worn on the wrist, but also products like Misfit Shine choose other ways to wear the goods, but wear a different way will affect the monitor performance data, so different wear ways need to switch to the appropriate mode of detection.


     Smart bracelet count in digital products rather peculiar one, which is different from the game console can bring us spiritual pleasure, unlike PC can help us do a lot of work to be productive tool, but do not like the phone can help You spend their leisure time pieces. Smart bracelet must bind your habits, which directly affect your lifestyle, if you do something about identity, through the auxiliary smart bracelet, you can change some of their bad habits, become more love sports more healthy, but it is built on the premise of your identity, if you just hold taste fresh approach to the use of smart bracelet, and no commitment to change their bad habits, then this device might help not on you; in addition to the user originally very popular sport, the smart wristbands can guide your campaign, you need some orientation training, data intelligence bracelet also provides a reference basis. In short this is a tightly bound and lifestyle products, as a Christmas gift for friends and family, it can be considered a blessing to send a healthy, Here you curious about what exactly smart wristbands to choose it, For now the brand's influence, we recommend the following three:



 1. Aiboze W9 smart bracelet

       Aiboze smart bracelet has its own independent thinking, their product design sense W9 highly compact body, and flexible wearing styles, IP67 waterproof, long battery life, support for Android / iOS APP, LED display, two-color strap and many other advantages, Christmas Eve used to send to friends in appropriate. Price: ¥ 299

2. Aiboze W2 Smart bracelet
W2 is undoubtedly the most successful smart bracelet classic products, simple shape, a simplified version of the product can be considered, but also for entry-level users to launch the product, the same with pedometer, calories, sleep monitoring function, built-in USB data cable strap very convenient and practical. Price: ¥ 128
3. Aiboze W6 Smart bracelet
W6 Smart bracelet draws W2 design, but more simple in overall shape, the most important thing is the price W6 smart bracelet only 99 yuan, the same with pedometer, calories, sleep monitoring function, but the price still relatively affordable. Applicable corporate campaign gifts. Price: ¥ 99