Specifications of TW7 Movement Recorder Smartband 
1. Low Energy Bluetooth 4.0: Support both Android App and IOS APP
2. Vibrate on Calls / Short Messages: never miss an important call and short message again even if the phone is put into your bag or packet. 
3. Automatic Movement Identification: record your all-day activity data, and automatically identify the walking / sitting/ cycling / sleeping state. 
4. Movement Track Record: record your movement track as well as automatically match and locate photographs / videos / recordings taken along the way (open the GPS function on your phone). 
5. Pedometer: more accurate algorithm, more accurate step calculation. 
6. Calories: movement calories monitoring 
7. Sleep Monitoring: identify the sleeping state automatically and provide the data report on deep sleep / light sleep 
8. Raise Hand to Brighten Screen: after hand raising, the screen lights up to display the time without pressing buttons, making it easier to check the time. 
9. Vibration Alarm: You can set two alarm clocks, that is single / cycle vibration alarm. 
10. Remote Shooting: remote selfie, and automatically match and locate pictures taken along the way. 
11. Phone Anti-lost: the smartband will vibrate to alert when the cell phone leaves the smartband for a certain distance. 
12. Find My Phone: double click the smartband button and the phone will give vibration or sound prompt. 
13. Time / Date: Display the current time and date. 
14. Movement Target: give prompt after reaching the preset movement target. 
15. Sedentary Reminder: set the reminder for duration of sedentary according to your needs 
16. Water Drinking Reminder: Set the reminder for time period of drinking water according to your needs. 
17. Information Push: reminders for call, e-mail, short message and social notification. 
18.LED Lattice Screen: adjust the screen brightness according to your preference.


TW7 Bluetooth Watch Blue





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